Drift Bedroom Suite
Drift Bedroom SuiteDrift Bedroom Suite A bed with integral storage, having twin dovetailed drawers in the headboard-mounted bedside tables and two large drawers each side on runners for ease of access. Made in walnut frames wth olive ash panels. See matching wardrobe.
Gullwing Chest of Drawers
Gullwing Chest of DrawersGullwing Chest of Drawers A beatutiful compact seven drawer chest just 400mm square and 900mm tall. Made in walnut with curved sides and contrasting maple gullwing handles.
Orient Chest of Drawers
Orient Chest of DrawersOrient Chest of Drawers Finely shaped and jointed walnut rails and handles frame the exquisite three-dimensional-effect quilted maple panels, creating a stunning movement across the furniture as you move past. Naturally a piece of this calibre has dovetailed drawer sides in contrasting walnut.
Vortex Chest of Drawers
Vortex Chest of Drawers Vortex recessed handles flow down through the drawer fronts of this chest, rather like curtains opening. Tropical olive and cherry combine to enhance the elegant forms with a practical purpose.
Vortex Wardrobe
A pair of wardrobes to complement the Vortex chest of Drawers, fitted with a shelf, hanging rail and two drawers. The vortex handles are echoed and the cabinets made in walnut & tropical olive.
Broughton Castle Bed
Designed & made for Lord & Lady Saye & Sele of Broughton Castle nr Banbury, for the King's Chamber of this wonderful moated Manor House. Sweeping curves of laminated oak emulate the branches of the Chinese wallpaper and connect to the oak tree featured in the stucco over mantle. The dark green panels link the curves together and replicate colours found in the chinoiserie chest and chairs of the room.
Hidcote Chest of Drawers
Hidcote Chest of DrawersHidcote Chest of Drawers The curved sides sweep inwards narrowing at the centre adding character to an understated piece. With dovetailed drawers and recessed handles, the beginning & end of the day will bring a smile to your face as you open & close the drawers effortlessly. In American cherry, with contrasting maple drawers.
Drift Wardrobe and Door Detail
Drift WardrobeDrift WardrobeDrift Wardrobe Breakfront wardrobe with recessed handles, in walnut with olive ash panels. Interior fitted with shelves and hanging rails. Note the darkened hinges - to blend with the walnut.
Butterfly Hall Cabinet
Butterfly Hall CabinetButterfly Hall Cabinet Here we made a hall cabinet with hanging, shelves and drawers for all those outdoor esentials, but with a central pull-out section for shoes - Imelda eat your heart out! The strong visual is created with contrasting oak and tropical olive and capped off with the feature butterfly top.
Bow Front Chest of Drawers
One of a number of pieces designed & made in an understated style for a loyal client of many years and commissions! The cherry bow front and sides are contained between olive ash top & plinth, with little or no decoration to detract from the glorious grain of the timbers. Recessed handles and dovetailed drawers complete a furniture piece that will endure through many generations.
Barnsley Bed
Inspired by the Barnsley Bed in the Cheltenham Museum and given a fresh line or two. Chunky walnut with delicate rippled maple panels. Wooden slatts support the mattress.
Ultimate Jewellery Cabinet
Standing 1800mm high x 900mm wide this is every lady's dream to store, display and select her jewellery for the event ahead. The interior is fitted with baize covered pinboard and the backs of the doors are strung with black cords to hang items from. Shown here in maple with ebony detailing. This cabinet was designed and made to fit behind the open bedroom door in a London Townhouse.