Ripple Cherry Longcase Clock
Ripple Cherry Long Case Clock Our client named this rippled cherry clock Marilyn and it stands in their hallway. The face is rippled maple with incised lines and pewter hour marks, but you may choose something different!... Wound just once a week, traditionally a Sunday, the eight day clock movement ticks restfully.
The Colonel Longcase Clock
The Colonel Clock I have made my contemporary Longcase Clocks for twenty five years, each different. The Colonel is asymmetric and stands 2.3 metres tall. Made in wonderful burr walnut with ripple maple detailing. The front edges are tapered from top to bottom and are narrowest at the centre point. The face in birds-eye maple has pewter hour marks, handmade in our workshop. An eight day movement ticks inside the case as the polished brass pendulum swings to and fro.
Pomelle Sapele Longcase Clock
Pomelle Sapele Longcase ClockPomelle Sapele Long Case Clock Different woods suit each client and their room. Here rich rippled pommelle sapele was selected, with a birds-eye maple face and pewter hour marks. To access the eight day weight driven movement you simply push a button behind the clock case to open the door, you may then open the face glass onto the door to adjust the time.
Catspaw Yew Longcase Clock
Catspaw Yew Clock Each of our Longcase Clocks (also known as Grandfather Clocks - an American term) are a fantastic focal point. The catspaw yew used here is fascinating - animal faces can often be found in the book-matched grain! The face of this clock is minimal with clean ebony lines on birds-eye maple marking the quarter hours. Each clock has a weight-driven eight day movement from the Black Forest in Germany.
Birdseye Maple Longcase Clock
Birdseye Maple Longcase Clock Crisp fresh birds-eye maple veneer sweeps around this clock, which has a pewter face and amber markings that are lit with dimmable LEDs. An eight day movement is wound by raising the weights once a week.