How to Commission Bespoke Furniture

Creating your own piece of furniture is a unique experience and with Robin’s extensive knowledge and design skills, this will be a very exciting project.
Drawing on his expert experience, Robin will work closely with you to guide you through the process and achieve the best possible results.

There is a process to go through when commissioning a piece of furniture. The Furlong furniture team will guide you all the way, starting with some points for consideration and discussion:

Location & Size – where will your piece sit and how big does it need to be?
Purpose – what do you need your furniture to do?
Style – what style would you like your furniture in – we have a folio of designs to give you ideas and inspiration.
Woods & Material – we have a wood sample case to help you choose colour and texture
Construction – are there any particular features you would like to incorporate into your furniture.
Budget – a good idea to set this from the beginning – Robin will be able to guide you through prices.

What happens next?
Sketches – Robin will prepare your design either with idea sketches or if possible straight to a presentation drawing – these are three-dimensional CAD (computer aided design) drawings and include colour and grain.
Production – once the design has been agreed, quotation accepted, deposit paid – the work schedule is agreed.
Delivery & fitting – wherever possible we will deliver and fit your furniture ourselves.

Generally one of our craftsmen will take a commission from start to finish; from selecting and cutting out the wood to jointing, sanding, assembly, to completion and polishing. Larger projects will require makers to work on different sections, liaising with others to bring the piece to fruition. Robin keeps a watchful eye over your project to ensure the high standard of craftsmanship and detail.

Many of our clients regard a Robin Furlong piece as an investment and return to build a collection.

For a more in depth guide to commissioning please Download our Brochure & Handbook to Bespoke Furniture.